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This section provides various resources that can be used by professionals, para-professionals, and non-professionals. The aim of the Psychotrauma Clinic is to provide the general public resources that they can use in order to understand and study psychological trauma, deal  with the traumatic experiences of others or their own, and other resources that can be of help. This section classifies the resources available through the following categories:


This category lists all books, pamphlets, and other publications that are available in print or on-line which were published under the Psychotrauma Clinic or which are authored by its volunteers. 


This category includes all researches conducted by the Psychotrauma Clinic or its volunteers that are published in reputable scientific journals and/or presented in conferences.


This section provides various resources such as information packets/booklets, guides, infographics, and materials that can be used in trauma work or traumatic stress studies.


Downloadable here are Psychotrauma Clinic forms that are made available for use by the public, such as Referral Forms, requests, application forms, and others.